Roku TV models are presently viable with the Apple TV channel. You can now get to your current library of motion pictures and show cuts, and furthermore observe new shows that you can purchase, lease, stream, or purchase. This article will let you know if your Roku is agreeable. It will likewise assist you with marking in to the channel, stream content, just as clarify Apple TV +. operate your apple TV Streaming Channel on

Is my Roku device compatible?

Roku streaming gadgets are not all agreeable with Apple TV. To discover your gadget is agreeable with Apple TV in your country, you should know the model of the gadget. To get to this data, put in Roku’s home screen and select Setting > > More. The accompanying models are agreeable with Apple TV.

Roku TV7000X.
Roku Smart Soundbar9101X
Roku Express3900X and 3930X
Roku Express+3910X and 3931X
Roku HD3932X
Roku Streaming Stick3600X and 3800X
Roku Streaming Stick+3810X,3811X
Roku Premiere3920X and 4620X
Roku Premiere+3921X and 4630X
Roku Ultra4640X.
Roku Ultra LT4662X
Roku 24205X and 4210X
Roku 34200X, 4220X


How do I add the Channel?

These are the means to add an Apple TV channel on agreeable Roku TV or Roku TV. Your Roku remote will quick you to press the Home buttons.

  1. Look all over, and afterward select Streaming Channels. To open the Channel Store, look up or down.
  2. Select inquiry channels.
  3. Start entering Apple TV. The list items you get will be more explicit as you type.
  4. You can feature Apple TV by utilising the directional cushion from your Roku remote.
  5. To see more, press the OK key.
  6. Select and Add Channel.

Whenever you have introduced the Apple TV Channel, it will show up in your Roku’s rundown of channels under the Home tab. you can move this directly from somewhere else in the rundown.

You can add the channel utilising your Roku account through an internet browser. Or then again, you can utilise the Roku application to get to the Roku portable site. To find out additional, see the point by point article on adding channels for your Roku gadget.


How do I sign in to Apple TV Channel?

Apple ID is important to sign in to Apple TV. To sign in with an Apple ID you as of now have, adhere to the guidelines beneath. Or on the other hand figure out how to make a shiny new Apple ID.
  • Send off the Apple TV channel.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select records.
  • Select Sign Up.
  • There are two sign-in choices accessible on your TV.
  • You can sign in with your cell phone involving Log in on Mobile Device Either explore to or check the QR code. Follow the prompts to sign in.
  • Or, you could decide to sign in on this TV. This will permit you to enter your Apple ID by means of your Roku remote.
  • On the off chance that you don’t as of now have an Apple ID, click Create an Apple ID. You can either explore or examine QR codes that show up. Adhere to the on-screen directions for complete information exchange. At the point when you are done, your record will be joined consequently.


How do you stream movies and TV to Apple TV?
  1. Select a class and peruse all accessible substance
  2. Select Library to see the substance you as of now have
  3. Select Search assuming your hunt is explicit.
  4. Look through every one of the titles and pick the one you like
  5. Select To Buy Or To Rent
  6. For complete buy, enter your Apple ID secret phrase on the off chance that you are provoked.
  7. Select Play and start the substance.


What is Apple TV + exactly?

Apple TV + will before long be a real time feature. It will be presented on Apple TV and will give unique TV shows just as motion pictures from all classifications. For additional subtleties, look at

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