Activate your Fetch television box by going to fetchtv.com.au/activate by entering the code from the Smart television screen. To activate more boxes, visit www.fetchtv.com.au/account and add more boxes to your account.

Air flow is ensured by leaving 5 cm around the Fetch box. The remote control can be used up to 6 meters from the fetch box. Before cleaning the Fetch box, disconnect it from the power source. Use only a dry cloth to clean – do not use any chemicals or water. It would help if you didn’t try to open the Fetch field. This could result in serious injury and void your warranty.

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How To Activate Fetch on your Device?

  • Visit fetchtv.com.au/activate in your web browser.
  • Click Start Button.
  • Fill in your account information.
  • Select your package.
  • Fill in your payment details.
  • Confirm your details.
  • Enter Fetch ID/Activation Code.

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Where can you find your Activation Code/Fetch ID?

If you haven’t yet set up Fetch,

  • Go to fetchtv.com.au/activate to get your activation code (also called your Fetch ID). To add your second or third field. In “Account Settings”, select “Add and Remove Fetch Box”.
  • The Fetch activation code will appear on the screen. Make a note of it. You will also receive it by SMS or email.
  • You can find your activation code at fetchtv.com.au/activate. Log in with the email address you used to register and your password. Then select “Add and remove fields to load” under “Account Settings” to view the activation codes for each field.
  • Once your Fetch box is set up, you can retrieve the activation code from your box’s menu by selecting Menu > Manage > Settings > User Preferences > Activation Code or Settings > Device Information > Options. Your PIN will be required to display the activation code.

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How does this work?

  • Some retailers started selling Fetch set-top box sets as early as July 2014.
  • Once you’ve set up your set-top box, go to fetch.com.au/activate and sign up for Fetch.
  • Fetch will then send you an activation key. Fetch will then send you an activate code.
  • Internode will measure all data used in Fetch retail services.

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