• Install the Amazon Prime Video App from your device.
  • Open the Prime Video app
  • Choose “Sign in and start watching” and enter your Amazon account information.
  • Choose “Sign up to Amazon site” to receive a 5-6 character code.
  • Log in to your Amazon account and enter your own at or mytv.
  • Enter the code.
  • Click on the Activate Button

Compatible Devices with Amazon Prime Video:

  • Computers Windows & Mac OS (Via Website Streaming).
  • Echo Devices with a screen, Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick (Amazon devices).
  • Fire Devices
  • iOS Devices (Apple devices).
  • Android Devices (Google devices, smartphones, and tablets).
  • Game Consoles.
  • TVs & Blu-ray Players
  • Set-top Boxes & Streaming Media Players

Register on Prime Video using primevideo/mytv

  • You need to select Prime Video and go to “My Programs” based on the version you are using.
  • Follow the screen steps at
  • Put your Activation Code.
  • You can then contact Amazon’s prime service team for assistance in case you are experiencing problems from the verification process at

Watch Prime Video on Smart TV

  • Visit Prime Video
  • Click the Login button, even if you are already a member
  • You will receive the 6 digit code.
  • As soon as you start connecting to one of your apps like Mobile, Notebook or Tablet, you’ll need to sign up with your Amazon account details.
  • Once you sign up, the display will automatically show a box to enter the information and then register in by using mobile or TV.
  • The box will automatically display an example code which is HQ2WZ4 which will change automatically when you start typing your code displayed on smart TV.

Login to Prime Video and start watching

  • On your Smart TV.
  • Go to the Amazon Prime TV program, by your landing page
  • Install the app from the play store or App Store.. If you don’t have it.
  • Open the Amazon Prime program.
  • Continue on the login option.
  • During this time, you will receive a code on your Smart TV.
  • Visit by using PC.
  • Enter the code.
  • Press the ‘continue’ or ‘enter’ option.
  • You soon have a notification on your TV.
  • Now you can enjoy watching Prime Video on smart TV.

Where to find Amazon Mytv enter code for TV?

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video in your TV
  • Sign in with your new account created by Amazon Prime.
  • There will be a 6-character use code on your TV screen.
  • Enter the view code on the TV display.
  • Visit and enter the code.
  • Start Watching Prime Video. Enter Code

  • Open Amazon Prime Video on your mobile or PC.
  • Register with your Amazon Prime account details.
  • You will receive a 6-digit activation code on your TV display.
  • Write down the 6-digit activate code.
  • Visit by using your browser
  • Type your activate code.
  • Last, you can successfully register and activate Amazon Prime.

Download and Install Prime Video on Android

  • Go to
  • Select another option “Start your own 30-day free trial”.
  • When you get to the next page, you have to enter your payment details.
  • Sign in to your account and select the signup program of your choice.
  • Generate a payment.
  • Sign in to your Amazon Prime Video accounts by signing in to your account.
  • You are watching your favorite content.

How to purchase a Prime Video membership plan?

  • It is a very simple process to buy a Prime membership plan. You can go into the payment method section and choose a plan like monthly or annual is up to you.
  • Sign up for the Amazon Prime Video subscription program at or Download the Prime Video Android Application Then Sign up and purchase. You can purchase Prime 1 membership annually using any electronic payment method, including a virtual or real credit card, bank card, net banking, and Amazon Pay balance available on an Amazon account, other than Bajaj Finance No Cost EMI.
  • If you want to add money to the amazon pay balance you will have to complete the full KYC process.
  • If you are a new customer to the amazon prime video you can take a 30 days free trial and it is the best part of amazon prime video.
  • The next question that comes to mind is how I change the payment option.
  • How do I change my payment method for Amazon Prime?
  • To Add or Update Payment Procedures to Your Main Account.

How do I pay Amazon Prime monthly?

In terms of Amazon Prime Membership Fees, the monthly plan is smaller off the coast compared to the year. Monthly membership stays at $ 12.99 and $ 6.49 above the annual average. More information on this can be found on Amazon Prime Price Price Change regarding time and need. If you opt for monthly subscriptions, your membership fee will be approximately $ 12.99. If you choose to be charged annually, you will be charged $ 119.

How do I pay my Amazon Prime account?

Navigate to the top of the Payments page, scroll down and click on the Payment option. Select Minimum Payment, Balance Statement (such as your final amazon statement), Current Balance, or More. Select your bank option and number and check the account details in the requested fields and verify your banking details.

Note that you will need a unique verification code to active it. You can only generate this code if you have a valid Amazon account or phone number. For users with this information, the activation code can be found on their TV screen via the Amazon Prime Video app. The code will be required to complete the operation of the Amazon MYTV website –

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